English as a Second Language Tutoring

Lord willing we will soon be holding English as a second language tutoring classes.

Check back soon for more info!


English as a

What is it?

We offer small group, Free Tutoring classes in English as a second language. Using the Bible as our reading text, the classes will provide you with opportunity to practice your reading and pronunciation, learn new vocabulary, and be involved in conversation. It will also provide an overview of the message of the Bible and Christianity.

When is it?

Our classes run weekly on __________ evenings at ______.
(Time frame: from _ to _.)

Where is it?

The classes are held at the Fredericton Gospel Hall, 109 McAdam Avenue, Fredericton, N.B.

Who is it for?

Our classes are for those whose first language is not English.

How to sign up

Please contact us by email at _____@______ or by phone: 555-5555.